154 Years of Amazing Architecture on the Underground

Heritage Calling

London Underground is the world’s oldest metro system: the first journey took place on 10th January 1863, when the Metropolitan Railway opened to the public.  On its first day, 38,000 people day took the 18 minute journey between Paddington and Farringdon.

The underground has a history of thoughtful and thorough design and detail; from the commission of the Johnston typeface in 1913, to Harry Beck’s iconic 1930s design for the tube map, to the recent redesign of station staff uniforms by HemingwayDesign.

Here we explore some of its architectural highlights: 

1. Early 20th Century Arts & Crafts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Holloway Road Station © Ewan Munro

Commissioned in 1903 to design 50 new stations, Leslie Green developed a distinctive style, which he adapted to fit different sites, and which will be familiar to visitors to north London in particular.  The design included oxblood coloured tiles on the exterior and green tiles within…

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