5 Extraordinary Listings in 2016

Heritage Calling

Listing is the act of identifying the most important parts of our heritage so they can receive special protection. We celebrate their significance, and make sure that our history can be enjoyed by present and future generations.

Over 1,000 places have been granted protection through listing in 2016.

Here are five that represent the diverse nature of our historic environment and captured the heart of the nation:

Punk History

john-lydon-self-portrait Self Portrait by John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) of the Sex Pistols, in a room in the Outbuilding of Numbers 6&7 Denmark Street © John Schofield, University of York

Numbers 6 & 7 Denmark Street are two of just eight original buildings that survive on this famous street in Soho. The houses not only retain well-preserved architectural features that hark back to their construction between 1686 and 1691, but also a physical trace of Punk Rock – graffiti by the Sex Pistols…

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