Powerful Tombs: The Medieval ‘Living’ Dead


IMG_20160427_125224As part of the Leverhulme Trust-funded Speaking with the Dead project, extended by the Past in its Place project, I have been exploring the mnemonics of tombs in English and Welsh cathedrals from the Middle Ages to the present day. Having presented a version of my research under the title ‘Being Medieval in the Cathedral’ at the Society of Medieval Archaeology conference entitled Being Medieval at UCLan (Preston) organised by Dr Duncan Sayer, I decided to present an expanded version of the paper as a public lecture in the Grosvenor Lunchtime Lecture Series.

Picture3Having previously explored Tombs in Beowulf (exploring tombs within and behind the Anglo-Saxon poem) and Tombs of Terror (exploring the mortuary and material associations and manifestations of the legendary smith Weland), this was my third of a series of three lunchtime talks at the Grosvenor Museum, Chester.

Effigy tombs

I thought I would explore a particular…

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