Iceman Mummy Finds His Closest Relatives

by Tia Ghose, Senior Writer   |   November 09, 2012 07:11am ET


One comment on “Iceman Mummy Finds His Closest Relatives

  1. archaeofox says:

    My girlfriend was born in Bolzano where otzi is kept. I go there every year to visit he iceman. It was his bow that made me continue with archaeology, and when I reconstructed it for my final BA thesis it gave me the idea for my MA. All my research today in PhD and my summer job crafting Medieval bows in the Viking longhouse in Norway comes from otzi. People come from across the world to see his bow, but his bow has taken me across the world. I’ll be sure to put that into my next article when I visit Bolzano in January. Thanks for posting, it perked me up on this bus ride home 🙂


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